A  LITTLE  BIT  ABOUT  ME..........
I got my start in the world of photography late in life. It began as a hobby just taking photos of
my Grandkids. I have to admit, I was pretty obsessed. Maybe a little too much as it didn't take
long and they ran when Gram showed up with her camera. Oh well, I needed the practice! Lol
Much to their delight, I moved on from there to accepting clients for family photos, newborns,
 children's portraits, high school seniors and even a few weddings. There was lots of 
variety and I definitely never got bored. So much fun! 
But in 2020, I discovered that what I enjoyed most was meeting up with the Seniors. 
Listening to their memories from the past and exciting dreams for their future.
They're fun and always up for whatever I ask them to do.
So that is what I decided to specialize in going forward.
I definitely miss all of the families that I've connected with over the years.
I enjoyed every minute of it! ❤

In my spare time, I enjoy photographing landscapes, wildlife and just nature in general.
I also like camping and traveling around our great state of Michigan!
In the Winter months, we stay in Texas near the Mexican Border. 
We've met some great people there and really enjoy ourselves!

If you are a Senior looking for a Photographer.......
 Click HERE and shoot me a message. I'd love sit down with you and talk
 about your session!!

Grand Haven, MI

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